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Arising Light 2006 Report
David Blundell, Director

Chronology of Project
January- February  Website making, QuickTime film clip, initial fund raising prospective contacts in California.
January 10th-14th  Sixth International Conference on Humanistic Buddhism, presentation: “Arising Light: Making a Documentary Life History Motion Picture on Dr B. R. Ambedkar in India,” Buddhism & Culture, International Academy of Buddhism, University of the West, Rosemead, California.
March-April  gathering support in East Asia.
April-May  archival footage collection and related materials. Filming locations of where Dr Ambedkar studied and lived in London. 
April 14th  attending 115th birth anniversary India House, London.
April 18th  filmed interview with Sangharakshita at Madhyamaloka, Moseley, Birmingham.
May 2nd presentation on making Buddhist life history film entitled “Immagini dello stile di vita buddhista in India e nello Sri Lanka,” International Institute for Advanced Asian Studies, Turino, Italy.    
May 12th-14th  visit with Prof Eleanor Zelliot, Northfield, Minnesota.
May 26th-29th  speaking on Arising Light for 115th birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar held May 27th by the Dr Ambedkar International Mission, Houston, Texas, and other related meetings.
June 23rd-24th  presenting on the Arising Light project to the community of the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay regions of California.
July through August  creating documentary short version.
August through September  production of 26 min. on the life history to preview in Nagpur, India.
September  exclusive showings as preparation for the Dr Ambedkar Golden Jubilee commemorative events in Nagpur and the BBC. Other broadcast points include TV stations in Korea, Taiwan, USA, and India.
October 3rd showing of the short version in Nagpur, India.