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He was the leader of all the dispossessed in India.” -- Prof. Eleanor Zelliot

His people are the lowest of the low in India. He gave them hope, he gave them empowerment.” -- Ajan Sulak Sivaraksa

This long-term project is a series of films and events that are intended to stimulate interest and knowledge about the social and welfare conditions in India. Arising Light is on the life on Dr B. R. Ambedkar (1891-1956) and social welfare in India.

Intended Audiences

This film is being prepared for International Public Television Stations such as BOS-TV Amsterdam, NHK Tokyo, PBS Thirteen / WNET New York, KCET Los Angeles, KBS Seoul, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Ottawa, PTS Taipei. Theatrical screenings and international television broadcasts will be arranged by the Buddhist Film Society and other organizations able to widen the knowledge of Dr Ambedkar.