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Collaborators and Contributors

These people and institutions working with the project are committed to the social welfare of India.

Contributing Institutions
Dr B. R. Ambedkar Educational Aid Society, Fremont, USA
Dr Ambedkar International Mission, Calgary, Canada
Dharma Heritage Institute, Santa Monica, USA
Jambudvipa Trust, Pune, India
Monsoon Asia Society, Santa Monica, USA
Nagarjuna Institute, Nagpur, India
Taipei Buddhist Association, Taipei, Taiwan
Western Buddhist Order, Birmingham, UK
Buddha Vihara, Lucknow, India
JungTo Society, Seoul, Korea
Ambedkar Centre, Southall, London, UK
Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Temple, Los Angeles, USA
International Network of Engaged Buddhists, Bangkok, Thailand
International Bahujan Organization, Yuba City, USA
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha, Sacramento, USA

Individual Contributors

International Support
The project receives contributions from individuals and institutions in the USA, UK, India, Taiwan, and other parts of the world.  

Project Collaborators
Gaetano Kazuo Maida, executive director of Buddhist Film Foundation
Jeanette Zerneke, Website master, UC Berkeley
Huiji Wang, translator
Emilie Drumm, graphic design
Roma Mehta, art design-promotion
Constance Woods, writer-promotion
Joan and Clay Pipken, music development
Ken Yang, music recordings
Isaiah Seret and Jesse Klein/Red Dagam Pictures, Promo trailer
Harappa, Archival Footage